Printing On Any and Every Surface

My name is Rachel Annis, and I have always known what I wanted to be, from the time I was a child. In a third grade project I named my dream job, a starving artist. Much to my surprise, I am not the former, and thanks to the wonderful support system in friends and my wonderful fiance, I get to pursue the latter, the job that has occupied my dreams all these years! 

Through the years I have honed my art and found my niche: unusual wood block printing. I delight in taking old, tired pieces of furniture, usually tables, and fixing them up. I then use the table tops as my wood block and hand carve, then print from them. This way, I not only create a unique print, but also a unique, and functional, piece of furniture. 

As my company name might indicate, I am not the most tidy of artists, however my integrity is uncompromising and I only allow the best of my work to pass onto the world. Contact me and you could have the opportunity to own a lovely piece of functional art, or transform one of your own pieces of furniture that have seen better days.

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